Based on a true story, M, King’s Bodyguard is a gripping thriller about one detective’s mission to preserve the life of his king and prevent a bloody war in Europe.

From humble beginnings in Ireland, William Melville has risen to become head of Britain’s Special Branch, personal bodyguard to Queen Victoria, and the scourge of anarchists at home and abroad. But when in January 1901 the aged Queen dies and the crowned heads of Europe converge on London for her funeral, Melville learns of an anarchist conspiracy to assassinate Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany at the ceremony.

Racing to prevent the atrocity, Melville and his German counterpart Gustav Steinhauer find themselves tangled in a web of adultery, treason, and bloody violence. As the funeral looms ever closer, Melville realizes that his anarchist quarry is the most resourceful and vicious foe he has yet encountered—but is the greatest threat from Melville’s enemies, or his allies?

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