National Novel Writing Month

A country without village idiots is not worth living in. Without them there is no way of knowing who are sane.

– Oliver St. John Gogarty,
As I Was Going Down Sackville St.

For those in search of Mahogany Gaspipe and its deeper meaning, Wikipedia has this to say:

Mahogany Gaspipe is a particularly surreal Irish expression, used to describe someone who wishes to sound authentically Irish but cannot speak the Irish Gaelic language. The term comes from the Myles Na Gopaleen Catechism of Cliché as an imitation of what Irish sounds like to Anglophones.

I could not have put it better myself. In fact I didn’t.

A view of Newry looking north from Courtney Hill, I think. 
It’s all very Ballykissangel from up here… pan left and you’d see two huge shopping malls hemmed in by traffic jams.

For anyone interested, I use

Yes I have used the other one and there’s no comparison.

For those writing novels:

Scrivener is well worth a look…

codology the practice of codding, fooling
codhoax, joke, lie, humbug
usage: Are you codding me or what?
oinseach(own-shock) a fool, usually referring to a foolish woman, but can be applied to the male of the species
craythur(creature) – a person, often used as a term of affection or pity
tine(t-na) gaelic for fire

The Mont Blanc pen featured on these pages appears through the generosity of the author, broadcaster, lecturer and lovely woman Polly Devlin.