It was the bitter smell that woke me up, catching in the back of my throat.  Burning hair, I thought, as I opened my eyes. It was still dark, but something had changed about the texture of the darkness – it seemed to billow and shift like ghosts hovering above my bed.  And it wasn’t just a smell in the air – the air itself was rancid and sour in my mouth, and in the distance I heard a window breaking and a whump like a huge heavy blanket being flapped, and suddenly I knew what was happening.  I grabbed Susan and shook her. 

‘Susie, Susie — ‘ 

I saw the outline of her head as she raised it from the pillow. She looked around sleepily and coughed.

‘There’s a fire,’ I said. ‘The building’s on fire–!’ 

Finn Maguire has made a fresh start and opened a boxing gym in the heart of the city. But when loan sharks target his business partner and his lawyer vanishes with all his money, Finn is dragged down into London’s underworld once more, with only his fists and his wits to keep him alive.

If he drops his guard for a second, there’ll be nothing left of him but teeth and cinders…

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